Frequently asked questions


Can you sculpt fairies to make them look like people?

We do have a commission option which is via our waiting list, sign up form can be found here  we do not sculpt exact facial likeness but we can match hair and sometimes outfits. We do have fairies available now to buy and you can choose the hair colour, please look through our shop for available designs. Average time is 2 years


Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, we can post anywhere in the world, shipping is included for UK addresses but international shipping is worked out during check out, prices on our web site can also be viewed in dollars, euros, Aus dollars and pound.


What are they made from?

Our collector’s edition are cast in special formulated coloured resin and our commissions are sculpted from a mix of different polymer clay.


Can I put these fairies outside?

No we do not recommend this, although we do know customers who have placed them in a clear sealed container but we do not know how much damage the elements of weather affect them.


When will you be getting more starter and small fairies made?

Some fairy jars like starter fairies are premade, we make in batches changing the colours and designs. We recommend people to join our Facebook group to be kept up to date when new items come available.


What is the best fairy to start a collection?

We have many different types and sizes, it all depends on budget and space available, Our large fairies are easier to see and display, our starter fairies are smaller and cheaper, medium fairies are somewhere in-between.


Can I change the designs in your store?

Currently we can only change some aspects of the set designs, please contact us to discuss it


What is the difference between Collector’s Edition and commissions?

Collector’s Edition are hand cast from an original sculpture and then hand finished. Commissions are fully hand sculpted without any molds and then hand finished


How can I pay?

We can take paypal and most major credit cards in our online store


Do you have a shop I can visit in person?

We do now, But we do not have set opening hours, we are usually open during the week and some Sundays when the duck market is on. Please email or call us if you are wanting to see us, we have items to sell ready made and can be brought.

The Fairy Maker
Unit 2 Manor Farm


01895 672220

Do you teach how to sculpt?

No afraid we don’t currently have lessons on this.


I would like to stock your fairies in my store, do you do wholesale?

Yes we are currently putting together a wholesale system, please contact us if you are interested in being kept up to date on this.


Can I pay in instalments?

Afraid we only offer payment plans on commission orders. As our shop fairies are always available people are able to purchase at a time convenient to them, we do offer gift certificates which might be a useful option




     For commission orders only 

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