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Welcome to the magical world of The Fairy Maker Fairies. Individually hand-crafted miniature works of art. We have a wonderful group of artists who make each fairy magically come to life. Our fairies will be sold via this web site as they come available.


Please join our Facebook group for updates. 


Once someone owns one of these magical Fairy Jars they become a keeper of fairies, a very magical role indeed. Add even more magic by purchasing our published book all about the story of Caitlin our fairy and her journey finding her very own Fairy Keeper.



"Own a Bit Of Magic"


About the Artist




Kara is a British multi award winning fantasy artist based in London. She started sculpting in 2000 after not being able to find something which represented what the fantasy world is to her. Since then her work has been showcased in the media and sold all over the world. 






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pink and lilac
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